How Green Tea Helps To Lose Weight Naturally?


Weight gain or obesity can make you sick. It is the leading cause of many fatal diseases including cardiac diseases also. Weight loss may help you in knee pain relief as it decreases the burden on your joints.   Weight loss has become a hot topic now. So many tablets and medications are available in the market which claims to lose weight.

How Green Tea Helps To Lose Weight Naturally?

But most of them are not as healthy as it may have serious side effects. To lose and maintain weight green tea is the best option for you as it does not have any side effects.  Green tea is not just a tea as it is a natural gift which helps you to stay healthy. When consuming along with exercise, green tea helps to lose weight naturally.

Multiple researchers have proven the health benefits of green tea. Regularly drinking green tea might helps to lose weight naturally. Green tea also packed with antioxidants and other substances which help better health.

Here let us discuss How Green Tea Helps To Lose Weight Naturally? The green tea has become more popular as the green tea has the potential for weight loss naturally. It also has the potential to prevent and protect you from oxidation damage caused by free radicals.  So green tea considered the best anti-oxidants. 

 1. The  Green Tea Helps To Lose Weight Naturally by Increasing Metabolism.

Metabolism is the process of generating energy from the food that we eat. Green tea contains an antioxidant Catechins( ECGC and Polyphenols) and caffeine which increases metabolism. Researchers have found that regular intake of green tea can increase your rate of metabolism by 3-5%. Green Tea also increases your fat metabolism by 10-15%. Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea per day can help to break down fat from the different parts of the body. So regular consumption of green tea can promotes weight loss naturally by increasing the rate of metabolism.

2. The Green Tea Helps to Lose Weight By Burning More Fat:

Green Tea helps the oxidation of fat stored in different parts of the body. The fat accumulated in the abdomen might be the early warning sign of Type 2 Diabetics. The Epigallocatechins, a vital antioxidant found in green tea enhance fat burning and helps to lose body weight. Effectively burning fat helps to maintain digestive health and also helps to prevent the gas problem.

Several studies have conducted on the fat burning effects of green tea. Most of the studies suggest that green tea can increase fat burning by 15%. The University of Birmingham, UK conducted a study on the health benefits of green tea. And they prove that regular consumption of green tea can increase the fat oxidation. The study also suggests that green tea improves the insulin sensitivity in healthy young men.

However, a controversy still exists as a study conducted by The University of Copenhagen, Denmark, show that there is no increase in fat metabolism or fat oxidation even after regular consumption of green tea. So the weight loss property of green tea varies from person to person.

3. The Green Tea Helps To Lose Weight by Suppressing Appetite:

Green tea is one of the best natural appetite suppressants.  Green tea regulates appetite by regulating the sugar level in the body.

Best Green Tea To Buy.

Amazon has an excellent collection of green tea, and you can buy the best green online here. When taken without adding sugar or milk, green tea contains zero calories only. Various studies conducted on the health benefits of green tea and scientifically proven that it can protect you from various diseases like Cancer, decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, control your blood sugar level, boost the brain function and also even protect you from the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.


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