5 Simple and Effective Home Remedies For Gas Relief


Gas  Trouble is a condition affects everybody irrespective of age or gender. But people tend to hide the issue as they feel it as embarrassing. In case of a gastric problem, people go to the pharmacy and takes some medicines even without consult with a doctor for immediate gas relief. But this is not the right way to handle Gas Trouble or any other diseases. Now no more worry about gas as this simple and powerful home remedies for gas will give you instant gas relief. Doing regular exercises can also help to relieve gastric problems. Latest smartphones can be used to monitor your physical activity and improve your health gradually.

5 Simple and Instant Home Remedies For Gas Relief:

Gassy stomach occurs when your G.I Tract filled with excess gas. Gas can be entered into your GI tract when you eat or drink. Indigestion is another culprit for the gassy stomach. There can be some reasons for gas. Even the Stress and anxiety can also be a reason for gas.

5 Simple and Instant Home Remedies For Gas Relief:

Next time when you have a digestive health issue like gas do not run to the pharmacy. Instead, go to the kitchen where you can find plenty of home remedies for gas trouble. This home remedies for gas help to release the excess gas from your GI tract, and thus you will get an instant gas relief.

Here let us discuss five simple and effective home remedies for gas relief.

1. Ginger :

The digestive health benefits of ginger have proven by scientific studies. Take two teaspoons of ginger juice and one teaspoon of lime in a small bowl. Add sugar as per requirement if you do not have diabetes. Drinking this help to relieve gas instantly. Instead of sugar, you can add salt as per need if you have diabetes.

Drinking warm ginger tea can help to release excess gas from the stomach. Ginger can give instant relief from flatulence.

2. Carom Seeds:

Carom seeds can provide immediate gas relief if it is caused by indigestion as it can stimulate the production of gastric juice.(which helps digestion). Add a half teaspoon of carom seeds into one liter of boiled water. Drinking this carom water can give you gas relief and also helps to prevent gas.

3. Pineapple:

Pineapple provides instant comfort from the gas by improving digestion. Drinking pineapple juice is also useful for gas relief. Soon after taking pineapple in any form, it expels gas from the G.I Tract.

4. Lime Juice:

Drinking lime juice also helps to relieve gas. Add some baking soda while preparing lime water to increase its effectiveness. Lime water improve the process of digestion thus give relief from gas.

5. Jeera Water:

Drinking jeera water also helps to reduce the risk of gas. It improves digestion and prevents the formation of excess gas.  Put less than a half teaspoon of jeera into the warm water and boil it for 2-3 mins. Taking this jeera water to reduce many gastric problems and also helps to increase your digestive health.

These are the simple and effective home remedies for gas relief. As I said earlier, gas can occur anytime. As all of us know “Prevention is Better Than Cure.” Following tips will help to decrease the chance of gas.

Tips to Prevent Gas and Gastric Problems:

  1.  Avoid eating food from outside especially spicy and fast foods.
  2. Eat slowly and chew the food before the swallow.
  3. Do physical exercise.
  4. Always drink water after the meal.
  5. Use ginger, black pepper, or mint leaves while cook (If possible)
  6. Never skip your meal especially the breakfast.
  7. Quit smoking and excess alcoholism.
  8. Limit carbohydrates and increase fiber intake.


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